By joining any of our servers you are agreeing to comply in orderly manner to all rules without question or face consequences deemed by the staff rightfully.

Article 1 - General Carbon Fiber Gaming Rules

  1. Bullying is not tolerated in any way whatsoever. If found guilty of being involved with bullying of anyone of the community, a permanent ban will be issued.
  2. Do try to keep profanity to a minimum. Occasional use is alright. (profanity in usernames and channel names are not allowed).
  3. Do be respectful to every member of the community regardless of rank.
  4. No microphone, chat or soundboard spam is allowed.
  5. Please be respectful and wait for someone to finish talking before you talk.
  6. Recording is permitted with the permission of everyone in the channel, staff is allowed to record for use as Discord ban proof without the permission of the user.
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  7. The Main language to be spoken is English. If you decide to type in another language or use it in anyway whatsoever, do translate it for everyone else.
  8. No advertising servers of any type; permanent bans will be served if so.
  9. Avatar photos should be PG-13. Users who don't comply will have their avatars deleted.
  10. Impersonation of staff will result in any punishment decided.
  11. Voice changers are not allowed; no excuses.
  12. Adult content can be discussed in appropriate locations. (TeamSpeak and Discord).

Article 2 - General Minecraft Server Rules

  1. No bypassing, hacking or duping.
  2. No spam and be respectful to other players.
  3. No arguing with staff.
  4. No racism or any form of harassment.
  5. No stealing or griefing in the overworld or mining world.
  6. No mass mining in overworld.
  7. No PVP in the overworld.
  8. No claims for a town within 10 chunks without asking the town.
  9. No Demon towns. They are only allowed in the mining world.
  10. No offline chunk loading is permitted.

Article 3 - General Server Rules

  1. Do have respect for the server when you build, any build that causes lag will be handled accordingly.
  2. If you are found to be ruining the game experience for other people, you will be banned without question.
  3. If you do anything that can harm or lag the server intentionally, you will be banned without question.
  4. No exploiting (hacking, cheating, duping) is allowed. Exploiting the game whilst on the server will result in a permanent ban.
  5. No advertising allowed. Advertising other servers will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Do not attack players in any way.
  7. Please do not beg for anything.